Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little addiction....

GLIMMER MIST!! Oh, how I LOVE this stuff and use it all the time!

I have lots of scrapping supplies that I "Had to have" but never use it! When I bought my first two bottles of Glimmer Mist I was worried about actually using them!
No need to worry, I use them on everything! I LOVE this stuff! I recently squirt the last squirt out of my Pearl Mist! It was kinda bitter sweet! (I am a sentimental sap!) I was proud that I actually used up a product but at the same time I was sad to see my favorite color gone!
To fill the void I just made and order... 13 Glimmer Mist! Yes you read correctly, 13!!
Of course I had to reorder my favorite Pearl. Along the way I found a color called Bubbles, so of course I had to try that! There are also some new limited edition colors I just had to have too! Who could pass up Cadilac Pink, Mel's Diner, Route 66, Marmalade, Popsicle, Sweet Clover, Sand and Indian Corn??
Addicted?? Yes, but I use them!
How about you??
Do you have products you have bought but never use?
Do have an addiction to a product you use constantly?
Do you have Glimmer Mist? Love or Hate it?

1 comment:

  1. I'm a little slow with the whole Glimmer Mist craze, but I find myself using it on every layout now I need to branch out to other colors as well now!

    Normally though for me I buy what I use and don't have anything I hoard much.

    Happy day friend!