Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Geometic Shapes!

So this will be my final post for the Stretch Your Stamps 2 Online Card Class!
I truly have had a blast learning! I have also enjoyed the challenge of making at least one card from every lesson!  The backgrounds were my favorite! This geometric stamp set was the most challenging for me. 
This last card was actually inspired by my son, Hayden! It was ALL his idea! But apparently I used the wrong red!! haha!! I guess we will have to make another because I think it is a fun card!
So, I am now going to put my card making supplies away for a while! I REALLY need to finish up our Euro Disney Album.  I am sure as soon as I complete it, I will have to start working on Christmas Calendars! 
I should probably start sending out the cards I made as I am hording them... seriously!!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Geometic Shapes!

I am still determined to use this stamps set! I see a potential for mens cards!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Floral

Sadly the Stretch your Stamps 2 class is officially over! I had such a great time and plan to keep using the techniques I learned! I have bought more scrapping supplies this month, then I have bought all year! But I have had a blast and that is what is important, right??

This card was inspired by a Youtube video from Jennifer Mcquire! I thought it fit well with our Floral Builder class so I am adding it to the gallery!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Floral

Flower Card

Stretch your Stamps 2... color me

When I saw this stamped set listed at, I immediately thought of my nieces Kaydra and Kourtney!!  I think this stamp set is adorable!
Kaydra had her very first day of school on Monday! She was so scared! She came home crying because she was scared all day!  Bless her little heart!! But she promised Hayden she would be brave on Tuesday and go back! She was brave! And apparently she was quite comfortable because she kissed a boy! When she got in trouble, she got scared again!

Stretch you Stamps 2... Day 7&8

So class days 7 and 8 were the days I struggled with the most!
I ended up having to make three orders before I finally got this stamp set.  I was totally excited for the Geometric Class days but I ended up struggling with them!  They are out of my comfort zone for sure!
But I was totally determined to purchase this stamp set, so I am going to be equally determined to find ways to use it! 

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Bonus Day

I paper splodged the balloons and then die cut them! Of course I had to add some Glimmer with my Wink of Stella Pen!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Bonus Day

I did some color splodging on this card!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Floral Builders

I am a little obsessed with Monochromatic Cards and layouts at the moment!

SO I decided to use some of my new flower stamps to make a couple cards!  Though these are not stamp builder cards, I did stamp multiple stamps to build an arrangement.  I did end up cutting masks with post it notes so that my stamps don't over lap themselves.  This was the first time I have cut masks, and it wasn't too hard.  I also really like the way they turned out!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Floral Builders

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Floral Builders

I really like the way this card turned out!

I needed some Gold Embossing and so I took Jennifer McQuire's suggestion (YES, I am a huge fan!!!!) and ordered the Ranger Gold.  When I got the bottle I was certain that I wouldn't like the color as it almost had a bronze look to it! But I went ahead and inked and sprinkled the powder over my flowers. When I hit my heat tool to the flowers, the magic happened! The Gold is stunning!! Note to self... Never judge a book by it's cover OR a embossing powder by the color!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Flower Builders

I have some flower stamps but I always stayed away from the Floral Builder style.  But Jennifer McQuire  inspired me and I went ahead and ordered a set.  I am just learning but I have been having fun!

Strectch your Stamps 2... Graphic stamps

So before this class I would have never bought graphic stamps. 
In fact, I had to order this graphic stamps set THREE times so I better some good use out of it! LOL

Usually I struggle with men's card but I think this stamps set will give me plenty of ideas. 

Stretch your Stamps 2... Bonus Day Splodge

Splodging second project!

So, with this project I splodge some backgrounds and then cut them out into balloons for this card!
You can't really tell that they are splodged but it was fun to make variations in color!

Bonus day... Color me and Splodging.

If you are like me, you have never heard of splodging! Of course being the OCD person I am, I had a hard time wanting to try this new technique! But after I gave it a go, I enjoyed it!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Class 6

This class was all about using Outline stamps!  The technique I decided to try was to remove color from the inside of the stamped image.
I colored my background using Tim Holtz Distress Inks.  I then embossed my flowers! Then I used a water brush and water to remove color! It gives such a unique effect!  Once I get more flowers, I will trying this technique again!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Class 5

Class 5 was all about using different color embossing powders! I only have metallic embossing powders so I had to get creative! I used bronze, silver and platinum! I needed Gold!!  But note the background... I am STILL loving the technique from Class 2!!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Class 4

Class 4 was also using Alphabet Stamps! The Milo alphabet is perfect for this technique. 

Stretch your Stamps 2... Class 3

Class three and four deal with alphabet stamps! I got rid of all my alphabet stamps because I never used them! SO, I had to buy Milo's alphabet and I LOVE it!!
Today's technique was to use alphabet stamps to make messages on your images! So I used a Happy Birthday stamp and stamped on my stars with a monochromatic color!

Stretch Your Stamps 2... backgrounds!

The class is about half way over and yet I am still stuck on Day two! The background technique is my favorite thing ever!!

Stretch your Stamps 2... background

Orange Hello

Stretch your Stamps 2.. background!

Green background

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Backgrounds.

Red and White Embossed background...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2 class... backgrounds.

One of the techniques we were taught in class was to heat emboss a background stamp and then watercolor paint over it. So, of course I went for the rainbow.  I love the soft rainbow look of this.  So, I decided to chop my background up so I could make two cards out of it!

Stretch Your Stamps 2 class.... backgrounds

One of the techniques we were taught in class was to heat emboss a background stamp and then watercolor paint over it. So, of course I went for the rainbow.  I love the soft rainbow look of this.  So, I decided to chop my background up so I could make two cards out of it!

Purple Demask

Purple and Pink Damask Background

Stretch Your Stamps 2...

I am currently taking the Stretch Your Stamps 2 online class and I am loving in! It is FULL of great inspiration!

Here are 4 cards I made for the "Background" lessons!

Oh, how I have neglected you!!

I can't believe that it has been two years since I posted on my scrappy blog!

It has been a crazy two years for sure! About a year and half ago we moved to paradise, aka Hawaii! We absolutely love the HI life!  My boys love just about anything that involves the water! Surfing, Kitesufing, Paddle boarding, Windsurfing, and Sailing!  As for me, well I am the cheerleader and photographer!

About a year ago, I got a call that my mom was in the ER for a suspected stroke! At 56 years old, that was pretty scary! Within a few days we found out that she had 6 brain tumors! Her poor little body deteriorated in a matter of days! It was so painful to watch her body fail her so quickly! Just weeks later, she took her last breath on Earth and her first breath in Heaven! I miss her desperately!!

I have not been posting, but I have been crafting!  I had decided that I needed to stop making cards and focus on our family scrapbooks! But then I won a spot in the Stretch Your Stamps 2 class and I am back to making cards!! Who can pass up a free class with your favorite two stampers?? Not this girl!! So, I am making cards for the next couple weeks and then I back to scrapbooks! I am currently working on our Disney Paris Album and I would sure love to get that completed before I need to start working on Christmas Calendars!