Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2... Geometic Shapes!

So this will be my final post for the Stretch Your Stamps 2 Online Card Class!
I truly have had a blast learning! I have also enjoyed the challenge of making at least one card from every lesson!  The backgrounds were my favorite! This geometric stamp set was the most challenging for me. 
This last card was actually inspired by my son, Hayden! It was ALL his idea! But apparently I used the wrong red!! haha!! I guess we will have to make another because I think it is a fun card!
So, I am now going to put my card making supplies away for a while! I REALLY need to finish up our Euro Disney Album.  I am sure as soon as I complete it, I will have to start working on Christmas Calendars! 
I should probably start sending out the cards I made as I am hording them... seriously!!

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