Wednesday, March 2, 2011


is something I don't natural have! Yet I am learning to become a patient person!

A few years back I spent a lot of time deciding what kind of scrapbook albums I like! I am (a little) OCD and I wanted all my albums to be the same! I finally decided on the Making Memories Post Bound Albums! I purchased 12X12 and 9X9 albums. I LOVE the 9X9 size and I have need more! Maybe I am the only one who likes this size as Making Memories has discontinued this size! I have searched and searched and searched in hopes to replenish my supply. Several months ago I came across a website that had them for $13. I spent a couple days trying to decide what colors and how many to order. By the time I went to order, they were back up to $18 a piece! Being the bargain shopper I am, I couldn't imagine paying full price for them. I decided to wait and hope that they would go back to $13 eventually. Along with the decision to wait I risked the chance that they would sell out and I wouldn't be able to find any of them.

I saved the website and I have gone back occasionally to check the price and they were always $18. BUT TODAY, they were on sale for $8.99 a piece!! PLUS a 10% off coupon! That made me VERY happy! I ordered 6 of them! The 12X12 were also on sale for $9.99 so I ordered 5 of them!


  1. That's awesome - I never have that kind of luck!
    I love the smaller size albums too.

  2. Great deal on the albums! I miss scrapping! Love the cubes in your scraproom. Looks great! :)

  3. That is an incredible deal girl!!!

  4. What a great deal A. I love that size and have used it a couple of times. Cool beans!