Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was reminded today why I scrap...

I told you in the last post that I have been making many more cards then I have been making LO's. I said I was going to make a LO before I make anymore cards... well, I didn't! My main computer has crashed so I can't access my photos or photoshop so I went back to cards.

Today my sweet little Levi is sick and running a high fever. As I was snuggling him, I told him how cute he is. He asked me "Momma, was a cute when I was a baby?" I was able to pull out my albums and show him a couple LO's from when he was a little guy! It was a FANTASTIC moment!

It was also a convicting moment for me! I don't have very many LO's in any of the kids albums. I do need to scrapbook more LO's for children! They LOVE to pull out all my albums and just look through them and read them!

Brian has started working 2pm-midnight so my evenings are free after the kids go to bed. After thier bedtime is only time of the day I watch TV, just to veg before bed. I need to be disciplined to turn off the TV and go to my scrapbook room and be productive, I know that capturing my boys childhoods in albums has much more value then anything I can watch on TV.

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  1. Love your new blog, it's pretty!!!

    I find I am the opposite! I have such a hard time making cards and make only layouts most of the time! I enjoy creating layouts a lot and A pulls them out all the time and looks at every single one of them sometimes!! It's fun to see and remember things so I encourage you to get in your space and create!!!

    Have a great Wed!