Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Do you have a scrappy product obsession? You know that one thing you just can't get enough of! The one thing that you can tell the differences in all the different shades? The one thing you follow the "new releases"? The one thing you grab for all the time?

Well, for me it is Glimmer Mist!! I LOVE that stuff! I have 7 shades of teal. Some would say "they are all just teal" but I see each one as a uniquely different shade of teal!
My Glimmer Mist collection is always growing! But I honestly use this stuff ALL the time! It is my "go to" when I want to add a little bling to a project!
This is my second bottle of "Pearl"! It is wonderful on every single project!
So I must confess, I have lots of scrappy "obsessions"! I love jems, jewels, pearls and flowers too!
What is your favorite obsession?


  1. I definitely have a long list of obsessions too!
    Glimmer Mist is certainly one of them.
    Then there are stencils & masks, stamps, ink, and flowers.

  2. I haven't gave into the glimmer mist craze....yet:) My current obsession is embossing folders, I can't seem to get enough texture lately!

  3. Sherri, i have stencils and masks but I am not very successful with them!

    Kelly, I keep forgetting that I have them! Thanks for the reminder! I love the embossing on your projects!