Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stazon Tips

I really like Stazon Ink! Here are a few tips I thought I would share with you!

Stazon has this great little clear cover on the inside. Now, this help keep the pad from drying out but I find it is a pain to deal with! I usually end up getting some ink on me, somewhere when I work with these!

SO, I decided to use a glue dot and stick it to the outer cover, permanently. It works like a charm!
Place the glue dot on the " inside center dot" of the outer cover, this way you don't get any on you!

Place clear cover back on ink and then put the outer cover back in place. Give it a little squeeze on the center and you are done!

The next time you open the cover you won't have to worry about that silly clear cover inking YOU up!

Because I am (slightly) OCD (or CDO as my husband calls me) I like to label everything! My inks sit on thier sides in a drawer and the labels make is really easy for to me to find exactly what I am looking for.


  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. This is a really great idea Alecia!!! I don't have many ink pads but the few I have do the same thing as yours! I am going to try this!!!

    And thanks for saying such sweet words about my projects! Its always so nice when others think what we're doing is good!!!

    Have a blessed Sunday!