Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Birthday Present!!

The morning of my birthday, Brian told me we were going to Raleigh for the morning. I had no idea what he had planned but I knew we didn't have a lot of time since we had drama practise in the early afternoon.
We drove right to an Art store that carried COPIC markers! I had told Brian one time that I wanted some, and that was weeks earlier. I was so impressed that he remembered and took the time to search for a local store! He is SO awesome!

So here is my stash...
The next day I went upstairs and I captured the most beautiful moment between a Father and his Son! They were both sprawled out on the floor with Copics all around them coloring Lighten McQueen. I am so blessed with such a great family!

Since my family and I love them so much, I ordered a "FEW" more!! They will be here Tuesday, yes I am stalking the Fed Ex website.


  1. Those look like some fun markers! Happy belated B-day!!