Friday, February 19, 2010

Cards for Kids...

A few months ago I came across Jennifer McGuire's "Cards for Kate" drive! Kate, age 5, was diagnosed with a very rare Brain tumor. Jennifer hosted the drive and collected tons of cards for Kate and her family. The card drive was so successful that Jennifer has continued it adding new kids every so often. Today two were added.
My boys and I have made a 10 cards for the kids and they love being able to bless the boys and girls through their own creations.

If you are interested in this awesome ministry check out the following link...

As for sweet Kate, she had brain surgery followed by Chemo. The tumor still remained so Kate is in "Transplant" right now. From what I understand this means that she had an entire Years worth a chemo in a matter of 5 days. This can be very destructive to her little body so they "transplanted" her own bone marrow yesterday in hopes to rescue her bone marrow. We continue to pray for Kate and her family through this difficult time. After she recovers from this, she will have to go through radiation and possibly a second brain surgery! She could sure use a card to encourage her!

Here is a picture of Kate getting her "Liquid Gold" this week. Isn't she precious??

If you are interested, here is the link to her Caring Bridge page...

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